About Us

This crazy, fun, exciting, sometimes terrifying journey of mine began with me finding myself with a lot of time on my hands, (we may get into that another day...LOL). I felt like every time I turned around I was reading about something being bad for us, or not being sustainable, or our recyclables not actually getting recycled...you get the drift. I couldn't keep it all straight then and I can barely make sense of all of it now. I was initially trying to make our household cleaning products a little more human friendly. That spiraled into our personal care products. During my quest of trying to do what I can to find healthier options than what is readily available, I stumbled across an article about handmade soaps. It sparked my curiosity. The science behind it and all the ways to customize each bar had my attention. After months and months of research, I gathered up enough courage to finally make a batch of cold process soap. That's all she wrote! I was hooked! I played, experimented, and tested for about a year after that first batch. It was time to share with the world (or be overtaken by soap bars) LOL.

We hand pour every batch and use quality skin loving oils and additives. We cure our bars for a minimum of 8 weeks to ensure the gentlest bar possible, providing you with gentle cleansing and an all over clean feeling without stripping your skin of its natural oils. We do take custom orders and can formulate a batch around your unique skin profile.

We are a small family ran operation located in Riverview, Florida. While we offer shipping, we will also deliver and/or arrange pick up if you are local to our area.

We have recently added vibrant, colorful TIE-DYES to our shop. We offer adult and children's sizes, and on occasion will have some other clothing pieces. Add some color to your world!!

You can find us online and/or at local events we attend. Follow us on Instragram and/or Facebook to stay up to date with where we will be next.